Rain Harvesting

Water storage solutions include tank solutions for rainwater harvesting, municipal backup supplies, borehole setups and greywater harvesting.

With experts predicting that South Africa’s demand for water will exceed its supply by 2025, making better use of our water resources through rainwater collection and enhanced storage and management through water storage solutions, will become a critical part of a more sustainable future. With a range of tank sizes available for collecting rainwater, our water storage solutions can be customized to your unique requirements to provide the optimum solution.

Rain harvesting technology has a lot to offer to catch the cleanest and best quality rain and is easily achieved with either above or below ground storage systems. All related elements are taken into account such as rainfall, capture area, collection and distribution network possibilities.

Municipalities have been found unreliable with their supply of water and therefore a critical investment in today’s properties is to have a backup water supply ready for these cut-offs. These systems can be fully integrated to not only supply gardens, but to also go through a complete filtration system to make the water fit for potable uses.

Greywater harvesting is ideal for building that ‘waste’ for a lot of recyclable water – wash basins, baths, showers etc. It provides the opportunity of re-using this water for various applications such as irrigation, flushing toilets and more. This water does require treatment before use.

Borehole, or river water can be complicated since each one is unique. We offer custom services, from water testing, flow testing, pump installation and maintenance as well as ensuring our clients pump responsibly as this resource is valuable and needs to be managed correctly. From the wet end of the pump to the control panel boosting the system, we have to experience and know-how with our team to offer the most efficient systems.

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