Landscape Maintenance

At Acton Gardens we provide landscape maintenance to our clients in residential, corporate, commercial, retail and industrial complexes. Our maintenance programmes ensure our sites are kept looking their best all year round.

Photo-reporting and KPI systems keep our clients updated on the conditions of the property ensuring their investment is maintained.

Each of our clients has their own specific requirements, and we are flexible enough to adjust our services accordingly. We have optional and additional services that can be added, until the client’s specific requirements are met.

  • Permanent team comprising of 2 gardeners to teams of 20 or more
  • Offered to residential and commercial complexes, office parks and industrial plants
  • All personal protection equipment (PPE) and other equipment is supplied and maintained
  • Regular training is undertaken before and during the service contract
  • All equipment is petrol-run – no reliance on electricity supply
  • Experienced supervisor present at all times
  • Regular management inspections and involvement in the day-to-day running of the site
  • One-on-one relationship between client and management
  • All-inclusive packages offering landscape materials
  • Regular inspections for registered invasive species as well as control plans

Our management includes that of experienced landscapers, qualified horticulturists and skilled irrigation technicians.

Health and safety is taken seriously – for our employees and clients. We are committed to providing, so far as is reasonably practicable, a safe and healthy working environment. It is recognized that effective control of health and safety contributes to the continuing success of the business and to the safety of all who work with the company. We encourage environmental consciousness in both daily conduct and in the planning of future programmes. As an environmentally responsible company, we are dedicated to protecting human health, natural resources and the global environment.

The company has a commitment to the reduction of all the negative implications by the implementation of the following policies:

  • Regular and thorough maintenance of all tools and equipment.
  • The correct disposal of all waste products through approved channels or even licensed waste disposal operatives if warranted.
  • The correct use of all chemicals and the training of all operatives.
  • The fencing off of all areas adjacent to our works where encroachment could cause damage.
  • A company purchasing policy and the active suggestion of suitable alternatives to clients and architects alike.
  • Qualified horticulturist heading management of the teams