Irrigation Design

Acton Gardens provides professionally designed systems as well as maintenance and parts replacements from the best brands in the industry.

Our proficient staff has the ability to prepare a tailored proposal for your specific landscape requirements. We are confident of our strengths and capabilities that lie in the flexibility and diversity of our team and products.

Professional Design

We strive to uphold professionalism and high standards in the irrigation industry. We are qualified in the exact science of irrigation for commercial and residential landscape systems. We are also fully qualified to design large sports turf and large commercial irrigation systems using the correct methodology and technical expertise in accordance with the standards of The Landscape Irrigation Association of South African as well as the National Water supply regulations Act.

Water is a scarce resource and Acton Gardens is committed to ensure that our designs are the most water efficient irrigation systems possible, thereby maximizing conservation. Similarly, energy conservation is of paramount importance, so attention is focused on selecting the most efficient sprinklers, pipelines, valves and pumps for the systems.

With advanced qualifications in landscape and turf irrigation, we ensure the most efficient use of water for you landscapes requirements.

Irrigation Installation

Quality Installation

We strive to provide the most water-wise options including sustainable water source setups such as boreholes and rain water harvesting systems. Acton Gardens specialises in fully automated and manual, drip, turf and micro irrigation systems. Installation of our systems is done to the highest standards and to ensure watering is efficient and effective.

We offer maintenance contracts for larger commercials systems where regular monitoring and adjusting is done, as well as once-off repairs to domestic systems.

Full site audits are available for complete system efficiency assessments for green council submission.

We are proud Qualified Executive members of the LIA (Landscape Irrigation Association).