Landscape Design


Gardens today are an attractive and purposeful extension to your home or work space. We believe that your garden must be tailored toward your specific need, with the flow and design combining as one, to create a unique space for you, with its own personality and charm. The Acton Gardens Award Winning Landscape division offers you a complete landscape turnkey service. We are proud to say that we take great care in the artistic creation of your garden and will settle for nothing less than absolute elegance. Our aim is to create a natural escape for you – a man-made ecosystem blending art and science to create a landscape of lasting beauty and value.


Every successful project starts with a good plan. Be it a townhouse garden or commercial office park, drawing up a complete landscape design is an integral part of of the project. We often work with the client, developer or architect from early planning stages, right down to being on the construction site to the very last day. Out of our experience, Experience has taught us that outdoor areas are often the last to receive attention, so putting plans together as early as possible in the project improves efficiency and avoids the last-minute budgeting in an ‘after thought’ garden space.

We do full site assessments and surveys of existing properties. Assessment of the site includes soil type, lighting availability, existing structures and levels, all while accurately measuring up for scaled designs.

Using CAD and 32D design software, our innovative designs range from formal to informal, indigenous, edible, water wise, EnviroScape and many more.

Construction and installation

A good design requires a professional that involves the art and technology of landscape and garden project planning, construction and landscape management, to achieve the desire aesthetics, human enjoyment and safety, and ecosystem-plant community sustainability.

Whether designed in-house, or by a landscape architect, our Award-Winning team has the experience and know-how to implement detailed, quality hard and soft landscaping elements.

Hard landscaping requires quality materials and quality skilled installers for long lasting appeal. We are experienced in all areas from cobble edging, retaining walls, firepits, stabilized gravel and lawn walkways to patio’s and eco-pools.

Water brings movement and peace, and there is nothing more soothing than listening to soft running water after a stressful day. We specialise in all styles of water features to enhance the tranquillity of your home.

‘A water feature can dance with the wind, creating energy, or mirror a view on a still day, creating a feeling of space.’

Soft landscaping involves fine planning and attention to detail. From intense soil preparation, sourcing of materials such as large crane-in trees to planting that last annual seedling and mulching all around.

As proud principle members of SALI (South African Landscape Institute), we confirm to their ‘best practices’ and uphold their high-quality standards. We carry out all landscaping undertaken according to a quantifiable scope of work agreed by the client and are entrusted to be environmentally responsible, adhering to sound environmental principles in all works undertaken.

Landscape Design