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Gardens today are an attractive and purposeful extension to your home or work space. This is the first impression, yet also a place to spend time enjoying your leisure time. We believe that your garden must be tailored toward your specific needs, with the flow and design combining as one, to create a unique space for you, with its own personality and charm. The Acton Gardens Award Winning Landscape division take great care in the artistic creation of your garden and will settle for nothing less than absolute elegance. Our aim is to create a natural escape for you – a man-made ecosystem blending art and science to create a landscape of lasting beauty and value.

We take a professional approach to every project, therefore in order to serve our clients best, we begin each project with a ‘landscape design package’, a comprehensive document in which you will find the following:

  • Ground plan landscape design of property to scale using CAD (Computer Aided Design)
  • Elevation/axonometric drawings of specific areas to show detail
  • Planting themes with tree placement on plan
  • Hard landscaping and placement on plan
  • Basic construction drawings, should it be required
  • Outdoor lighting plan/suggestions, should it be required
  • Detailed irrigation and water reticulation/recycling plans
  • Comprehensive installation proposals. . . and any other aspects that the garden design may call for

Our designs offer various ways to show you what the garden could look like – from plan views to perspective sketches. Our plans are fully compatible with those from architects and construction professionals allowing us to be equal contributors to the project in its entirety. Each element of the project is taken into account, from cut and fill plans, to setting levels, storm water management, feature construction all the way through to correct planting methods, soil treatment and horticultural maintenance.

Some of our work throughout the years