How long / how often should I water my garden?

The chief role of irrigation is to replenish the water in the soil that is lost by evapotranspiration. To this end, irrigation seeks to mimic rain (natural replenishment).  A common mistake in scheduling irrigation frequency is to water a turf or landscape area every day.  Watering everyday prevents air in the soil required for the roots to take it up as well as causes superficial root systems reducing anchoring.

The water application norms that have been in use in Gauteng for the last 30 years are:

Summer   25mm per week

Spring      20mm per week

Autumn   15mm per week

Winter     8mm per week

Dependent on your type of system and applicable rate of precipitation of the emitters, an appropriate runtime can be scheduled.

What are the different types of irrigation systems?

Various types of irrigation techniques differ in how the water obtained from the source is distributed within the field. In general, the goal is to supply the entire field uniformly with water, so that each plant has the amount of water it needs, neither too much nor too little.

How ‘smart’ can my irrigation system be?

Technology in the irrigation is further ahead than many may think. A variety of sensors are available from flow sensors (which warn you of leaks) and weather sensors can alter you watering for extreme winds, frost and rain. New wifi enabled controllers can be connected to an app on your phone and the applications are endless.