About us

Acton Gardens is comprised of people who share a love for exterior design and nature’s beauty. After a decade together, we have enriched many homes and businesses by creating outdoor spaces which not only compliment the architecture but also create a natural escape to enjoy and relax. We are also enthusiastic supporters of the people who work for us. This pride is reflected in the quality of our work, and our success is built on their skills and dedication. Acton Gardens’ structure and unique capabilities prove our flexibility to confidently handle projects of varying sizes and types.

As skilled designers, horticulturists and irrigation technicians, we provide landscape design, construction, horticulture and irrigation design and implementation to residential and commercial clients alike.

Some of Our Clients

What We Stand For

Acton Gardens is a team of committed and positive people who are always striving to be balanced, integral and honest. We are proud of our profession as landscape contractors and the opportunity it affords us to improve our environment and the quality of life of our clients.

We are in the business of making nature beautiful for the individual, improving the environment and offering the best customer service experience. We educate ourselves, our clients, and all those with whom we work, while bringing them closer to nature, by improving their environment and creating an outdoor space that either impresses, relaxes or excites the viewer and the one who moves within its space.

Our products and services are of the highest quality, value for money and, whether sourced from within the company or externally, will always add the most value and use the latest and most effective technology, techniques and research available. We endvour to improve the standard of our industry by adhering to the specifications laid down by our industry associations and by so doing, ensuring clients get increased value.

Acton Garden’s clients, whether small, medium or large in size, have a desire to have us help them in achieving their ideal outdoor space, and commitment ourselves to them and in return, keeping their commitment to Acton Gardens. They are open minded, willing to enjoy the creativity and natural process of the green industry and welcome the developments of our green ever changing environment.

Our clients do business with us because we understand people are important. We offer the most hands-on maintenance, innovative design and attention to detail, quality and installation and service, because we are what we do.

Our Memberships and Affiliation

Brief History

Acton Gardens was started up by Eugene and Sarah Vermaak in 2006. Eugene came from a background of garden maintenance and service and sales of garden equipment, irrigation and fertilizer. Sarah came from a background of landscape design and implementation in the fast paced green industry. Together they made a dedicated team driven to provide excellence and remove the industry stigma made by large landscape corporates of over charged ‘plant by numbers’ and unreliable, un-secure ‘bakkie brigades’. The company grew from strength to strength building the business on referral work and securing and maintaining maintenance contracts from individual residential homes, townhouse complexes and even large commercial properties. The company comprised of 1 main team which offered combined landscaping and mobile maintenance services.

In 2009 Acton Gardens secured a contract with Union Carriage and Wagon in Nigel to offer full-time maintenance to 30 hectares of industrial property. This grew the business to a steady 2 teams. Soon thereafter, the business was then able to secure enough maintenance contracts to allow for a separate landscaping team to be introduced. The company grow to 3 full teams offering maintenance to large residential, complex and office parks as well as landscaping to predominantly new homes in up and coming eco and golf estates as well as new industrial buildings and even schools.

In 2010 Eugene left the business to following his career in Construction and a maintenance manager was introduced to offer the same attention to detail and on site supervision that clients were accustomed too. Through to 2012, projects continued at residential homes in Olive Crest Estate (North Riding), and private schools such as St Catherine’s Convent (Florida).

In 2013 Acton Gardens proudly took on the services of a leading Business Coach from the world renowned Action Coach Franchise. This was a move in the right direction to drive the business forward, keep management accountable to standards of quality and professional service and helping instill one of Acton’s core values – ‘A business based on customer experience, not measured by logos, trademarks or address, but built on customers who keep coming back’. Projects included upgrades to gardens at Life Flora Clinic (Florida), new homes in Glen Dower (Bedfordview) and boutique restaurants in the Michelangelo Towers (Sandton).

2014 was another milestone year for Acton Gardens. The company achieved a number of milestones including accreditation level by JoJo Tanks SA for rain harvesting, A Gold award for landscape design and installation at the Garden World Design Show and the company was awarded the landscape maintenance contract of the 22-acre head office of African Bank in Midrand. This lead the company to a steady 4 teams as well as growing the supporting management team to a dedicated landscape manager, team of designers on call and a financial manager to ensure the finances are well maintained. Landscaping projects grew in estates such as Waterfall and new office buildings in Edenvale and Roodepoort.

In the last 3 years Acton Gardens received a Gold award for the second year running for landscape design and installation at the Garden World Design Show as well as top Water Wise garden by Rand Water. Sarah Vermaak completed her Residential and Commercial Irrigation qualification, making the company a registered members of the Landscape Irrigation Association of South African (LIA SA).

Our Awards and Achievements

As a team we pride ourselves in excellence in performance. Below are some of our notable achievements of recent years:
2014 – Awarded Top and approved installer for JoJo tanks South Africa
2014/2015 – Multiple ‘Certificates of Excellence’ from Action Coach SA for business growth and performance.
2014 – Gold Award for Landscape design and Implementation – Garden World Design Show
2015 – Gold Award for Landscape design and Implementation – Garden Wold Design Show
2015 – Top Water Wise Landscape Award from Rand Water for landscape design
2015 – Awarded Top of the sector for 2016 and Qualified as Landscape Irrigation Installer for the LIA
2016 – Awarded Executive position on the committee for the Landscape Irrigation Association.
2017 – Qualified as Principle Member of South African Landscape Institute
2018 – South African Landscape Institute of South African – Merit Award at National Awards of Excellence for Landscape Maintenance

2018 SALI Merit Award

Meet The Team

Simon Taylor

Landscape Consultant

Tshilidzi Muthige

Horticultural Manager

Olga Burrows

Financial Manager

Sarah Vermaak

Managing Director

Carole Crichton

Office Administrator